Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Santicore Art & OSR Badge Completed

I don't think submissions for the Secret Santicore book can be shown; some archmage in a red cap might passwall through my fireplace and transmute all my gold into coal. As a substitute, here is a blog badge like the one Gorgonmilk styled after the Manitoba graphic:
I couldn't find a matching font so I picked another retro looking pair. The color is a tribute to the MM2 vermin of evil forests, the Black Squirrel! I live on the border between central and northern OH, where these nefarious critters are taking control. In fact, by joining their fiendish sect I have acquired a special magic item - The Cauldron of Tails & Teeth. This iron pot has a jug handle and requires a severed head as a lid. When stoppered with a decapitated victim and left overnight in the dark forest, the Cauldron gains one use of its power. Taking out the skull releases 999 giant black squirrels, which will swarm opponents until destroyed or banished. The mass of animals will have a +2 bonus versus the race of creature that lost its head in the recharging ritual.

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