Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lite Game with Heavy Space Troopers

I'm taking a break from spacecraft construction to revive some trooper combat home-brewing. Here is a rough layout of a player record, focused almost completely on the goal of xenomorph extinction!

Unlike the cheesy movies where pretty actors saunter on Earth-like worlds with open helmets and Mattel guns, my goal is to show some understanding of future warfare. No human, regardless of athleticism, can raid an alien base without an exoskeletal suit and a formidable weapon. Once a soldier's armor fails, the bugs have a major advantage. Fortunately, any of the weapon types kill critters by the die roll. The die type depends on the enemy size, and the roll equals the number of them killed in a hit. This was a rule I picked up from a game called Carnage Amongst the Stars.

Earning medals propels a PC towards his next rank a pinch faster. The fruit salad is for missions completed, targets killed, and campaigns concluded. To help survival rates, each soldier can medicate himself, weld a suit together, or bait targets once per planet drop. Rolling well on actions is important as usual. A grunt has training in the following operations:
  • CODE: exerting willpower to uphold orders and follow regulations
  • DATA: ability to operate electronics and provide engineering support
  • GUNS: self-explanatory
  • JUMP: tactical movement in a suit, often in variable gravity situations
  • HELM: Upon leveling to sergeant, the ability to pilot a combat vehicle.
  • READ: Upon leveling to major, using insight to maximize attacks against one bug type
I'm working on an illustration of trooper armor, the Kinetic Augmentation Powered Exoskeleton. Other equipment carried will be minimal, since all the weapons are 2-handed and require a backpack for ammo or energy. I'm deciding whether a squad needs a "robot mule" for mobilizing extra supplies or rescuing victims.


  1. Sold! Where is the Paypal button? Seriously I love the record sheet and your approach to the genre here.

  2. I think the cruiser template, drop ship, and squad info will be combined into a PDF mod for SWN.