Monday, June 23, 2014

1988: Skunk Witch of World's End

LONG & SHORT OF IT: Inbred cannibals in the Pennsylvania woods do the bidding of a secretive witch.
START BUTTON: A friendly NPC, away on a summer vacation, escapes from murderous rednecks with dubious proof (see photos below) of his imprisonment. NPC is under suspicion by the authorities for a companion still missing in the forest.
GROUND ZERO: Loyalsock River Valley around Eagles Mere, Sullivan County, PA.
  • A road barred by "hell gates" leads to a burned asylum where satanists gather!
  • A ghostly green raftsman from an abandoned mill can be seen near the river!
  • Venturing near a village of dwarfs will make them fire shots at your car!
  • The Tabletop Rock in town is for tourists, the real one was purposefully forgotten!

MOOKS: In the early 20th century, loggers and miners worked in many small camps in the dense forests of Pennsylvania. When those industries died out, not all of the woodsmen returned to post-war American life. A strange female researcher, who wandered away from a resort at Eagles Mere in the 30's, enthralled a group of these simple men-folk. Subservient to her command, the inbred cult captures hikers and lost travelers for her bloody rituals. Their decaying cabins are near a pristine swimming hole and the monolithic stone where their witch mother performs her magic. To quickly patrol their acreage, the cannibals have a few ATVs. Victims are lured by one of the oldest tricks in the book, fake trail markers that lead to a swimming area made to look like a park feature.
The mooks are armed with axes, hammers, and barbed pikes.

THE BOSS: Cymothe the Skunk Witch
POWERS: Necrotic smell from hair caused by demonic sorcery. Evil Eye Gaze and Vampiric Kiss. Armed with .32 cal Remington-Elliot 4 shot pepperbox and ritual knife.
Cymothe lives in a cave with her zombie experiments and research materials on ancient Cyprus. One monster is made of cultivated female body parts and births replacements for the clan. Children that don't live are transformed into nocturnal zombie imps with raccoon heads stitched to their necks. The ritual for making "chimeras" comes from her Scrolls of Salamis. This artifact from the time of Cypriot kings is cursed, tainted by the forced suicides of priestesses of Astarte. To the right buyer, the scrolls are worth between 15 and 25 thousand dollars.


  1. This is awesome. I was nodding along but when I saw the ATVs and raccoon heads, I realized that it was a thing of beauty.

  2. Nothing says pure horror like a raccoon that can run around on toddler feet all night...