Saturday, June 21, 2014

Retro Phazing a Favorite CRPG

Although I dabbled in some old Commodore games, I didn't own a personal computer capable of gaming till the 2000's rolled in. I became an instant fan of the first two releases in the series called Dungeon Siege, which had better 3D visuals than the "isometric only" crawlers still on the market. The style was pressed out of the D&D/Diablo mold, but each dungeon level and rare item were cleverly crafted.

Recently, I've seen OSR news about an "eight bit" styled rule set that exemplifies many of the aspects of these fantasy software titles. Retro Phaze, an e-book with D6 rules, is available for free download here. I've been inspired to convert DS 1-2 into a "phazed" rpg, using what old data I can still lift from my game manuals and the web. The world of Aranna has particular races and magic categories, so character creation will be rewritten. I hope that keeping some of the imaginary names and lore won't cause trouble; the original studio that produced the franchise appears uninvolved with it now. Below are some starting notes and a hex-map based on what I believe is the multi-player map for DS1. Of course, this project will be a free PDF release to the community.


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  1. We had fun giving Retro Phaze a test run a few months back. My plans to do a Castlevania campaign with it are on a really far back back-burner, but RP seems easily customizable to many video game genres. I never played Dungeon Siege, but your mods here look cool, as do your character sheets.